SAMPLE. Adularia Disco Moonstone Earrings

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Beautiful handmade silver earrings with natural moonstone (adularia). Extra-class stones, bright iridescence (radiance). Hand cut. Sri Lanka.
Hindu mythology tells that hardened moonlight was used to make moonstone. Outwardly, the adularia looks like a full moon, shining behind thin high clouds. Some beliefs even say that the brightness of the brilliance increases as the moon grows, and the peak of the aurora falls on the full moon.

The moonstone is one of the strongest charms and talismans. It has a beneficial effect on people suffering from their own explosive nature. The cold pacifying shine of adularia makes it possible to feel peace and tranquility.

The moonstone inexplicably helps restore love feelings and improve family relationships. In order for this to happen, you need to constantly have an adularia with you.

Lonely people should also make the Moonstone their constant companion. It has been known since ancient times that its mysterious glow attracts love.

Material: 51% adularia / 49% albite
Color: Moonlight
Chainlet: Bronze / Silver

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